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Proud to be the Highest Rated Home Inspection Company and only Certified Master Inspector® in the area - Let our wealth of experience and expertise guide you in making a well-informed choice regarding one of life's most significant investments.


At Refine, we conduct home inspections with the same care and attention we would if it were for our own family's residence. Our reports cover all visible safety concerns, installation and structural deficiencies, areas vulnerable to moisture, and any other pertinent information crucial for your informed decision-making.


Our approach doesn't follow a quick checklist or merely scratch the surface in a rushed, one-hour inspection. We diligently assess and report on every aspect and component of the home.


Our primary responsibility is to provide you with a thorough understanding of the home's condition, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and, most importantly, confirming that the property is safe and secure for you and your loved ones.


View a sample of our report here:​  


With a wealth of experience from over 1000 inspections performed and 15+ years in related fields. We take pride in providing you with the most comprehensive Home Inspection possible. Equipped with certifications from InterNACHI as a Certified Master Inspector® and as an Indoor Air Consultant from IAC2, I bring extensive knowledge and expertise to each inspection.

Certified Radon Testing
Certified Master Inspector
Veteran Owned Business

We are Refine Home Inspection

 Jason Rogers, Certified Master Inspector®

and Carter Rogers, Certified Professional Inspector®


Jason Rogers, CMI
Carter Rogers, CPI

  Our Mission

Our Mission is to Refine the Home Inspection Process. 

We aim to educate and empower you as home buyers, guiding you towards becoming informed and confident homeowners. We achieve this through personalized consultations and comprehensive, educational reports tailored to your needs.


Our Focus

Our Focus at Refine is on inspecting various properties, including single-family homes, light commercial buildings, multi-family buildings, and condominiums, regardless of their age or history.


Our Commitment

At Refine Home Inspection, LLC, our goal is to deliver thorough and precise inspections, providing our clients with confidence and assurance in their home buying decision.  


Your Peace of Mind

In addition to comprehensive building inspections, our Inspectors provide various services aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients. These services encompass radon testing, well water testing, mold sampling, and thermal imaging. Rest assured, your safety and peace of mind are our utmost priorities.


Our Certified Inspectors cover a wide area of Wyoming:

 Jason serves Wind River Country:

Riverton, Lander, Fort Washakie, Pavillion, Kinnear, Dubois & Thermopolis

Carter serves the Bighorn Basin:

Cody, Powell, Lovell, Greybull, Meeteetse & Worland

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  • We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, offering clear, concise, and comprehensive reports that anyone can understand. Our inspectors are not just experts in their field; they're also great communicators, ensuring that you're fully informed about the condition of your property, the implications of their findings, and the potential next steps you can take. Moreover, we're incorporating cutting-edge technology to provide more accurate, in-depth analyses of properties. From thermal imaging to drone surveys, we utilize the latest tools to spot issues that might be missed by traditional methods. This tech-forward approach allows us to deliver a level of detail and precision that sets a new standard in home inspections. By choosing us, you're not just getting a home inspection; you're getting peace of mind, knowing that your property has been scrutinized by the best in the business. We're here to ensure that your home inspection experience is not just satisfactory, but exceptional.

  • With 180 Five-Star reviews and counting, we're Proud to be the Highest Rated Real Estate Inspection Company in the area. Discover firsthand what others have to say about our services by checking out our Google Reviews

  • Jason is the only Certified Master Inspector® in Fremont County and Carter is a Certified Professional Inspector®.  Rest assured that you're working with a Highly Experienced, Well-Established Inspector who is up to date on the latest Industry Education and who abides by a strict Code of Ethics.

  • Our reports are completely unbiased. We have no affiliation with any other parties to your transaction. Our only obligation is to help you understand the condition of the home. We are committed to delivering the most descriptive, comprehensive, and detailed Home Inspection Report possible.

  • Our job is to give you as much information about your potential home as possible, and we work hard to do this every time. Here's a link to a sample of our thorough report.  Some Realtors don't refer us to their clients, thinking we go overboard or produce reports that are too long. That may be why you found our website from a Google Search or a friend or family members recommendation.

  • Our Fees for Home Inspections are based on the value provided. While our fees are competitive, we may not be the cheapest Home Inspector company in the area and we believe our Inspection Report and Online Reviews speak as to why. Not everyone needs or even wants the detailed and comprehensive style of Home Inspection that we provide, and for those who are searching for the cheapest price, we may not be for you. However, if you want to know as much as possible about your potential home, click here to Schedule Now

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